Fir-Conway Preschool has been a ministry for over 30 years. The school day is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 – 12:00 noon.

This gives an opportunity for children to learn, play, grow, and prepare for Kindergarten. The arts and crafts activities the students work on every day are a great way to practice and gain fine muscle control and strengthen eye-hand coordination. By holding paintbrushes and learning how to paint, use crayons and other art tools, children gain the skills necessary for later writing activities.

Children have a time for singing and learning songs each morning. There is also an area outside the building for the children to have play time. Our Pastor joins the Preschool at least once a week to read a story, pray, sing and talk about how we show God’s love to all people. The Preschool is staffed by experienced teachers and an aide. Sign-ups start in the late Spring for the Fall start-up.

Mary Jo tells a bible story and plays the piano for the preschool.

Playtime in the pre-school classroom