About Worship


Dear Friends in Christ,

In this strange time when we are not holding services here at Fir-Conway, some of our area pastors are considering this an opportunity to share a joint on-line worship. We would hope to have music in some way, readings, a sermon, prayers, and familiar hymns. Stay tuned for what may be coming.

We know that not gathering together in person will mean more isolation, emotional stress and worry. But this outbreak reminds us that God is with us, even while we are apart.

We can create ways to support each other:

  • phone calls,
  • small groups in homes,
  • visits when possible,
  • sharing meals

And we need to acknowledge that, for some (perhaps many), the permission not to have to decide to expose one’s self to the virus is a sign of relief.

Our offerings are important for the work of the church, so we hope that you find ways to mail offering, stop by the church office, or talk with Lowell about ways to give electronically. Our need continues.

During these extremely unusual times, you are invited to remain grateful for the Grace of God through Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit who intercedes for us all.


Always a spread of goodies, fruit, maybe cheese and crackers, coffee, tea and juice. Time for fellowship and meeting new people.

Congregation members rotate in groups to serve and clean up during coffee hour.