About Worship


Fir-Conway Lutheran Church (FCLC) COVID-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation and Recovery Plan

in accordance with CDC and Washington State guidelines for Indoors and Outdoors

Washington State Phase 1: Outdoor Services Limited to 100 People

Washington State Phase 2: Indoor Services at 25% capacity (35 People)

Washington State Phase 3:  Indoor Services at 50% capacity (70 people)


Coming and Going:

  1. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and attended a FCLC service in the last 14 days, please call the church, so we can anonymously inform our congregation and work with the Skagit County Health Officials.[WA requirement #14]
  1. Please perform self-screening prior to coming to church. If you are feeling sick for any reason, have a temperature of 100.4F or more, or see that your children do not feel well, please do not come to church. If you have been in contact with someone within the last 14 days who has tested positive for COVID-19, please do not come to church, but call the church, so we can pray for your health. [WA requirement #14]
  1. Please, greet each other with a friendly smile and “Hello”, but no handshakes or hugs at this time. [WA requirement #4]
  1. Facial masks, covering the nose and mouth, will be worn by all individuals before, during and after the service, unless they have a medical condition or under the age of 2. When addressing the congregation, face coverings can be removed. [WA requirement #3]. 
  1. When possible, maintain at least 6 feet between you and your fellow congregant, unless that person is in your immediate household. [WA requirement #10]
  1. The main doors to the narthex and sanctuary will be open at all times. Greeters will maintain 6 feet separation. [WA requirement #4]                    
  2. Please, enter or exit the church through the main narthex entrance (unless you need to use the elevator – then use the entrance at the bottom of the wheelchair ramp). The only areas that will have access are the sanctuary, narthex, entrance at the bottom of the wheelchair ramp and bathrooms (off the fellowship hall). [WA requirement #12]
  1. People will be ushered into the church; the front rows of the church will be filled first and as rows fill up, we will move towards the back of the church. When the main sanctuary is full, we will seat people in the balcony.                                                                                                         
  2. At the end of the worship service, please wait to be escorted out of the sanctuary by the ushers. The back rows will be ushered out first and ushers will make their way to the front of the church.                                                                                                                                                  
  3. FCLC will keep a log of attendees at each service and will retain the log for at least two weeks. If an outbreak occurs, this information may be critical to help save lives. [WA requirement #14]                                                                                                                                                       
  4. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth per the CDC                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  5. Use hand sanitizer when returning to your vehicle and wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water when you return home.


  1. These areas of the church will be cleaned prior to and after Sunday Worship Service [WA requirement #9]:
    1. Sanctuary
    2. Narthex
    3. Bathrooms
    4. All high-touch surfaces after each use (doorknobs, etc)
  1. Soap and running water must be provided for use in each bathroom for washing hands. [WA requirement #7]
  1. Bathrooms off the fellowship hall will be the only bathrooms available. Please limit use to 1 person at a time. Individuals waiting to use the bathroom must maintain at least 6 feet distance between each person. [WA requirement #6]
  1. Alcohol based hand sanitizer with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol will be provided for use in the bathrooms and the narthex. [WA requirement #7]                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  2. Trashcans will be available for use. [WA requirement #13]                                                                                                                                                   
  3. Disinfectants will be available for use and kept in supply. [WA requirement #8]


  1. Every other pew will be marked as “Do Not Use.” Households members can sit together, but may not be closer than the CDC-recommended 6 feet to other church families.  [WA requirement #11].  Thus, seating on the pews that are along the side of the sanctuary will not be able to be used.
  1. Unfortunately, we will not be able to sing as a congregation, there is a maximum number of 15 people who can sing at a time and they must be 9 feet apart and wear a three-layer surgical mask while singing [WA requirement #5]. As an alternative to singing is you may want to hum along.
  1. Soloist are permitted to sing during the service without a mask provided that the individual maintains 15 feet of physical distance. Musical performances are permitted so long as they wear a face covering.  In the event that the soloist is performing on a woodwind or brass instrument, the soloist may remove their face covering only during the performance.  [WA requirement #5]
  1. The offering plates will not be passed during the service. Please, drop your offering in the offering plate in the narthex on your way in or out of the service.  Or, you can send offerings to the church by mail or online.[WA requirement #4]
  1. The CDC recommends that we avoid using items that are not easily cleaned, sanitized or disinfected, so the hymnals have been removed from pews, for the time being.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  2. Please, do not bring communal food or drinks to share to Coffee will not be served at church.                                                                                                                                        
  3. The bread and cup for communion will be in pre-assembled single-serve portions that are picked up by individuals as they enter the sanctuary. [WA requirement #4]                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  4. Doors to the narthex, sanctuary, and both outside doors to the side of the altar will be open. The overhead fans will be turned on and two window fans will be used to help circulate the air and prevent the stagnation of the air. [WA requirement #12]



  1. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot have Sunday School or nursery to limit contact between families.                                                                                                                                       
  2. Please, bring your children with you to the sanctuary to worship with us, so we can see them grow. Please, have a discussion with your children prior to coming to church on the importance of following all guidelines.

At-Risk Individuals:

  1. CDC has designated certain groups of our population as being more at risk of having serious complications due to the virus, and recommends that individuals in these at-risk groups take extra precautions in order to not contract this highly-contagious disease. According to the CDC these groups include the elderly (age 65 and older), those with underlying health conditions, and those with disabilities.  For more information, visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-at-higher-risk.html                                                                                                                                       
  2. If you are a person in one of these categories, you are advised by the CDC to take extra precautions. These extra precautions may include staying home.

Known Case of COVID-19:

  1. If we know of any positive cases of COVID-19 in our church, and they attended a worship service, FCLC will notify everyone (via email or phone call) in the church and Skagit County Health District, and advise the church body to follow the 14 day self-quarantine guidelines of the State Department of Health: https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/1600/coronavirus/COVIDexposed.pdf                                       
  2. If at any time according to the Skagit County Health District COVID-19 Surveillance Report, there are more than 5 positive cases in Skagit County or 16 cases in all of Skagit County within the last 2 weeks, FCLC will not have in-person worship service 14 days after the announcement.


  1. This document will be emailed to members of FCLC and be posted in the following locations: [WA requirement #1]
    1. FCLC Website
    2. Each entry to the church
    3. Narthex
    4. Sanctuary
  1. CDC, DOH and OSHA signs will be prominently displayed as appropriate in the following locations: [WA requirement #2]
    1. Each entry to the church
    2. Narthex
    3. Sanctuary
    4. Bathrooms
  1. Those places that are not being used during worship service will be posted “DO NOT ENTER”