In-Sanctuary Services Planned

March 22, 2021

Dear Friends in Christ:

            I give thanks for each and every one of you, and the wonderful support you’ve given our church during this strange, difficult time.  We are blessed to have our church and each other as a fountain of strength and comfort during the Covid pandemic.

            Plans are being prepared for  in-sanctuary services for Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and subsequent alternate Sundays until things normalize.  We intend to provide FM radio transmission for those who choose to remain in their cars for the foreseeable future.

            We will NEED VOLUNTEERS to assist with cleaning and sanitizing the sanctuary after each use. It’s not fair to impose this task on just 2 or 3 members. Those of you who are physically able to assist in this, kindly contact Cassie,  myself or Renee Bowzer for scheduling. If we cannot recruit sufficient participation in these housekeeping items, we’ll need to revert to our parking lot services.

            Each Sunday that we meet indoors, at least 4 people (+ the pastor & musicians) will be required:  2 ushers, directing congregants to socially-distanced seating, 1 person recording the names of those attending in the sanctuary, and 1 person to pass out programs in the parking lot to those who desire to remain in their cars..

            Please read the attached COVID-19 plan prepared by Renee Bowzer. It details the requirements for members who attend in-person worship. Everyone who attends in the sanctuary MUST adhere to these guidelines.

            Expect things to be different from our past worship services. Hymns will continue to be printed in the bulletin. The sanctuary doors will be open, and exhaust fans will be positioned on the West and East walls of the sanctuary to ensure good airflow. It will possibly be chilly, so you might want to layer clothing accordingly. Plans and procedures may change over time as we learn  what does and does not work, so please be patient with us!

            Special thanks goes to Renee & Rick Bowzer for cleaning the sanctuary in anticipation of in-person worship on Palm Sunday!

            Stay safe, be well, and may He continue to bless us.


Jon Glastra

Council President

Our community is amazing! We at Fir-Conway Lutheran are blessed in so many ways!