Welcome to Fir-Conway Lutheran Church

We’re glad you stopped by to find out more about Fir-Conway Lutheran Church. I am Pastor Sylvia Lee-Thompson,  new to Fir-Conway in 2017, after 10 ½ years as an ELCA pastor in Wisconsin. I have found that the people here are very friendly, caring, and devoted to the needs of the world we live in. We welcome you to look around in this website, and then stop by, call, or email us if what you see interests you. We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. People in our church have come from many different religious backgrounds and no religious background.      All are welcome to worship and serve with us.

We are located on Fir Island, just across the bridge from Conway, WA. It is a beautiful old church (from 1888) with a strong sense of community both within the church and out in the community. God’s peace be with you!


   ‘Out of compassion for our people and community, as well as try to avoid the spread of Covid-19, Fir-Conway Lutheran Church will not have worship services on Sunday morning or Wednesday night until further notice. This is for the health of us all.

While we mourn the cancellation of regular Sunday worship and Wednesday Holden Evening Prayer, we see it as a faithful action and an acceptance of what we need to do as responsible citizens. There was agreement that suspending all gatherings is a safe, prudent, common sense, smart action to minimize exposure. A message from our Bishop concurred with this.

As a faith community, our focus will be to act with compassion and put people’s safety first. I have been participating in conference calls with our synod’s bishop and pastors regarding ways to respond to this epidemic. For those of you with computers, here is a link to information:  https://www.lutheransnw.org/covid-19.

We know that not gathering together will mean more isolation, emotional stress and worry. To that end, this outbreak reminds us that God is with us, even while we are apart, and that we can create ways to support each other (phone calls, small groups in homes, visits, sharing meals …) as well as to acknowledge that, for some (perhaps many), the permission not to have to decide to expose one’s self to the virus is a sign of relief.

We know that this action could further cause isolation, emotional stress and worry. But it can also remind us that God is with us, even when we are apart. We will be looking at ways that we can support each other, perhaps have some small groups in homes or make visits by phone.

At this time the council has left open when we might be able to have worship here again. I will try to keep connected with you through weekly ‘home worship’ for those who have computers, and a mailed version for those who do not have computers or cell phones.

Our offerings are important for the work of the church, so I hope that people find ways to mail offerings, stop by the church office, or talk with Lowell about ways to give electronically. The work of the church continues.

I will do my best to connect with as many of you as possible, but please feel free to contact me on my cell phone 1-608-220-4222. I look forward to some virtual worship and discussion with you during this difficult time.  I hope to work out a way to have some kind of virtual Sunday morning for those who have computers or cell phones. If any of you have skills in that area – call me!)

During these extremely unusual times, you are invited to remain grateful for the grace of God through Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit who intercedes for us all.

In God’s grace and love,

Pastor Sylvia Lee-Thompson


Our community is amazing! We at Fir-Conway Lutheran are blessed in so many ways!